Rhys Claringbull: vfx artist




2004-2010 MPC (London)

Lighting TD, Look Developer: CG snake lighting, digidouble shading, flying background characters rendering.

Lighting TD, Look Developer: CG boat replacement shots, lighting on crowd shots. Also overseeing model and texture upresing.

Various: Contributed to creature concept development, environment modeling, texturing, texture management

Lead Texture Artist: Lead the look and execution of textures for a variety of zoo creatures

Previs Artist: On set Previs Animation and composition of shots. Also build modelling.

Senior Modeller and Texture Artist: Modelled three characters and textured two. Various character Zbrush work. Also wrote a number of tools, including an invaluable tool for transferring multiple textures to singular textures for fur maps.

Senior Texture Artist: textured a moon-sized baby turtle for the film from Terry Pratchett's Disc World Series

Senior Modeller and Texture Artist: Modelled the hero mammoths through various stages of art direction. Also textured the head the mammoths, zbrush work and created a shared workflow and projection tools.

Modelling, texturing and rigging on various projects, pitch work and department development. Projects include: Amazing Grace, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Curse of the Golden Flower, Xmen 3, and pitch work for The Golden Compass.

Modeller: Modelled Ballroom from plans then lidar scan

Modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, effects and animation. Commercials include work for Curry's Digital, Calgon and National Lottery, as well as Award winning station idents for Channel 4, and E4.

2008-2009 MPC (Vancouver)

The Lighting Thief: Modelling Lead: Zbrush model concept development for three characters. Also modelled hero "hellhound" creature, and led the development of a team of modellers to realize the other hero characters in the film.

Asset Department Lead: responsible for management of the show's asset team and build. Modelling of a digital double and modelling and texturing of hero helicopter.

Asset Department Lead, Look Development, Lighter: responsible for management of the show's asset build. Modelled the hero vehicle, two digital doubles, textured one, as well as various smaller builds. After build stage, lit a number of hero shots, including set and look development.

2004 Peerless Camera Company (London)

Matchmove Lead, Animator, Rigger: Matchmoved many challenging shots. Rigged a dynamic tree. Animation of a character and the tree maw.

2000-2003 Various Studios (Vancouver)

Generalist 2d/3d: Various disciplines, including modelling, texturing, lighting animation, effects, matchmove, matte painting,  roto, compositing and paint. Studios include Atmosphere, Northwest Imaging and FX, and GVFX

2000-PubliK (Mexico)

Various Commercials: 3d Artist: storyboards, concepts and executions of 3d work.


1997-2008 Various

LSE, Candid Arts Trust (London): Life Drawing drop-in sessions

MPC (London): Life Drawing for Animation course with Janine Breaker (2004, 2008)

Emily Carr University (Vancouver): Character Design: Drawing Techniques for Animated


Capilano College (Vancouver): Intense Life Drawing for Animation Course

Capilano College (Vancouver): Portfolio Development Course

Siggraph 2000, 2002, 2003: Various Panels

1998-2000 Centre for Digital Imaging & Sound (Burnaby)

Digital Arts Masters Program Certificate

Various Industry and applicable courses including; Traditional Animation,

Sculpture and Drawing, Video and Digital Animation Courses

1993-1998 Handsworth Secondary School (Vancouver)

Dogwood Secondary School Diploma With Honours

Art Careers, Drawing and Painting, Commercial Design

Physics, Math, Chemistry




General Linux, Windows, Mac usage

Maya (+Mel scripting)



Proprietary Pipeline Tools and Various others

Python (basic)

Renderman +Alfred









Rhys Claringbull

~email: rclaringbull@hotmail.com

~phone (UK): +44 796 358 3872